Simplisico's Learning Center

Geometry (0)
The branch of math dealing with shapes and sizes. Here you will learn about the names of the different shapes we have in the world, their basic building blocks (points, lines etc..) and how to find their area, perimeter, volume etc..
Algebra (109)
Algebra is the topic of math that deals mostly with equations and mathematical symbols. You will be asked mostly to create and solve equation, manipulate expression, reduce, expand etc... You will use these algebraic techniques when solving questions in all other topics
Calculus (109)
Calculus is the study of continuous change. It is broken to differential calculus and integral calculus and they both deal with the convergence of a series and it's limit. You will use algebraic techniques to solve questions that will deal with functions, derivatives, limits and infinities.
Arithmetic (6)
The first and basic most branch of math. It all started here. Humans first learned how to count and immediately after they started to calculate which was a way to count fast. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (and later on more advanced stuff like roots, exponents, logs etc..). Everything the calculator knows how to do real fast, and so should you.
Analytic geometry (2)
The branch of math that introduces and deals with the coordinate plane. Here you will learn the basic definitions of the coordinate plane such as the names of the axes and the relationship between them. You will also see how an equation, line, parabola and triangle look like when placed on the coordinate plane and which insights we get from using the coordinate plane to visualize such questions.
Trigonometry (0)
The branch of math dealing with the relationship between the the lengths of the sides of a triangle and its angles. You will learn about the sin, cos, tan and many more trigonometric functions and their uses.
Linear algebra (0)
Linear algebra is the sub-branch of algebra in that deals with linear equations and functions, the ways to represent them using vectors and matrices and the lines and planes that can be represented with them.