A little bit about us:

Simplisico LTD. is a unique platform for learning math, particulary Calculus and Algebra for highschool and 1st-year college, powered by a smart algorithm that allows everyone to really understand math, even when things gets tough.

We at Simplisico dream to change how math is taught worldwide. We envision bringing new standards and automation to math learning, in a cost category that's affordable to everyone and an ease of learning available to anyone.

We'd like to see everyone succeed at learning calculus, algebra -
and in the future additional math subjects.
Because we think everyone can and should!

The Team:

Offir G.

CEO. More than ten years of teaching classes and private tutoring any kind of math inside out with thousands of High school and college students that aced calculus, SAT, GRE, GMAT and pretty much everything with numbers. Actually wrote the text book where ever he worked, several times.

Idan J. G.

CTO. Almost twenty years in various software, IT and executive technological roles. Loves education and seeing people succeed in learning new stuff, as calculus, tai-chi, flamenco guitar and javascript.

Ilan D.

Senior developer. Enthusiastic senior coder by day and enthusiastic jazz player by night. Loves to constantly explore new WEB technologies, new musical genres and other spiritual issues. Only drinks organic coffee replacements.

Diego G.S

Marketing Manager. In charge of making sure everyone hears about Simplisico and gets a chance to give it a try! Passionate about taking world class education to more people. Loves travelling, has had no permanent home for quite some years now.

Maroun E.

Business Development Manager. In charge of business development and marketing for the Arabic division at Simplisico. A Mechanical Engineer, has been a senior tutor for robotics courses for students aged 12 to 16, and a volunteer mathematics tutor for young students from underserved areas. Amateur bicycle rider, loves to take part in off-road cycling groups

And a little more...

The company took part in MindCET accelerator where we refined the idea and product from within an educational-entrepreneurial point of view and with great support and guidance of a wonderful cast of talented and inspiring team of professionals in the field of technological learning.
We're hoping to help all of you out there who need help in learning mathematical subjects and to see Simplisico make a difference!