A little bit about us:

Simplisico LTD. is a unique platform for learning math, particulary Calculus and Algebra for highschool and 1st-year college, powered by a smart algorithm that allows everyone to really understand math, even when things gets tough.

We at Simplisico dream to change how math is taught worldwide. We envision bringing new standards and automation to math learning, with an ease of learning available to anyone.

We'd like to see everyone succeed at learning calculus, algebra -
and in the future additional math subjects.
Because we think everyone can and should!

The Team:

And a little more...

The company is a MindCET accelerator alumni and a portfolio company of Benny-Goren™ math publication and CET™ educational publication and education technologies company.

We're hoping to help all of you out there who need help in learning mathematical subjects and to see Simplisico make a difference!